How to Increase Visibility on Social Media – 10 Easy Ways

Nov 29, 2023 | Latest, Marketing Tips, Social Media Marketing

How to Increase Visibility on Social Media – 10 Easy Ways

For some of us, social media has become an important part of our daily lives. Whether it’s for your personal or professional use. Major social media platforms include the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn to name a few. This has become a great way for brands to create awareness around their services and products. But having social media accounts is not enough. Brands need to think about how to increase visibility on social media.

The fact is with tons of content being shared each day, small businesses find it challenging to get noticed.

Finding the right time and the most effective way to use social media to promote your business, can be a daily struggle. 

Did you know that as of early 2023, nearly 5 billion people have social media accounts? That’s over 10% more than in 2022. With this massive audience, brands like yours, have a great chance to connect with current and potential customers. 

Where we once browsed store shelves and magazines for the hottest brands and deals, many people now turn first to peers and influencers on social networks for purchasing advice and inspiration. 

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have transformed into digital malls where we evaluate products on display with a simple double-tap.

With social media playing an important role in consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions, it’s more important than ever for brands to have an effective social media strategy.

And successful social media marketing goes far beyond just creating accounts and posting occasionally.

What Does Online Visibility Mean?

You’ve probably heard the term “visibility” from marketing gurus all the time. But what exactly does it mean and how do you actually improve it?

In simple terms, visibility refers to how easily people can find and see your content on social media. It measures the reach and exposure your posts get across the platforms you use.

The more visible your social media presence is, the more likely users will stumble across your content, engage with it, and share it with their own followers.

Why Visibility in Social Media Is Important?

A strong online presence is important for your brand’s success.

Here are 8 reasons why you need to increase your social media visibility.

how to increase visibility on social media

Increase Brand Awareness

The more visible your content, the more users see and become familiar with your brand. This helps you build brand awareness.

Reach a Larger Audience

Visibility helps you grow beyond your existing clients and tap into new demographics and geographic areas.

Drive Website Traffic

Visible social content draws people back to your site through clicks, boosting traffic and conversions.

Improved Search Engine Optimization

Visible, high-quality content signals search engines like Google to rank you higher in results.

Greater Engagement

More eyes on your content leads to higher engagement rates, which further amplifies reach and visibility.

Market Intelligence

The conversations and interactions around your visible content provide valuable consumer insights.

Customer Service

Quickly resolving issues and providing excellent customer service.

Competitive Edge

Stand out on social media and you can get ahead of competitors in your niche.

Essentially, social media visibility fuels a positive cycle that continually expands brand awareness, engagement, website traffic, sales, and authority.

How to Increase Visibility on Social Media – 10 Easy Ways

Every social media campaign needs to have a distribution and amplification strategy. These 10 tips can get you started.

1. Post Consistently and Regularly

Brands hoping to stand out on various platforms need to nail the basics. Share great content that sparks interest regularly and maintain a steady flow of daily or weekly posts.

This establishes your presence and keeps your brand top of mind. Skipping even a few days can cause followers to lose touch.

Your social audience expects and looks forward to new content from the accounts they follow.

Breaking up your posting schedule with sporadic or infrequent shares leads to steep drops in visibility and engagement.

To maintain consistent posting create a content calendar and plan that maps out what you will post and when across social platforms. 

how to be consistent on social media

Tools like Trello and ClickUp make it easy to organise and plan content weeks or months in advance.

Consider relevant events, holidays, and industry news to inform your calendar.

Using planning tools like Trello or Clickup helps you to visually layout your content in an easy format. You can use the Kanban board layouts, one of our favourites, to make the process simple and fast.

how to be consistent on social media

Schedule time each week dedicated to creating content – whether it’s original images, videos, written posts, curated articles, etc. Having a backlog of content will make sticking to your calendar easier.

You can also use tools like Answer the Public, Google Search Engine and AI tools like JasperAI or ChatGPT to help generate content ideas.

You can also leverage social media scheduling tools like Later or Metricool to auto-post your content ahead of time.

When you sit down and plan out content and use these tools, keeping up with social media and being consistently visible is much easier.

how to increase visibility on social media

This process will help boost your brand visibility and increase engagement, conversions and ultimately sales. It just requires dedication and smart planning.

If you’d like to know more, we’ve written a detailed blog post on “How to Be Consistent on Social Media”. Read more about it here.

2. Engaging Content

One of the most important elements for improving visibility on social platforms is developing truly engaging, share-worthy, and relevant content.

The algorithms of sites like Facebook and Instagram favour content that keeps users active and interested.

Start by ensuring your content provides real value to your audience. This includes providing useful information, inspiration and entertainment.

Images and videos perform very well, so incorporate visual media whenever possible.

Use less stock imagery and include more photos of people within your business, your products or services.

You can also share testimonials from satisfied customers to build trust and credibility.

Look at including thought-provoking content that taps into topical issues and invites discussion to increase engagement.

content planning tools

Aim for different types of content. Mix up promotional posts, educational content, how-tos, fun visuals, short videos behind the scenes, and more.

Use tools such as Answer the Public, Google or JasperAI to generate content ideas. Jump into Facebook Groups to see what people are asking. Then answer those pressing questions in our social posts.

According to Buffer, educational content sees some of the highest engagement, with 59% higher shares than promotional content. So be sure to include it in your content marketing.

content planning tools

Also, remember to tailor content to each platform. For example create brief snackable videos for TikTok, inspiring images and quotes for Instagram, new product announcements for Facebook, relevant articles for LinkedIn, and fun and educational YouTube videos.

Leverage tools like Canva to easily create branded social graphics, images, and simple videos. Envato Elements or IStock offers a huge library of stock photos, footage, graphics, and audio to elevate your content.

Well-produced, thoughtful content keeps audiences engaged across social media and signals the algorithms to further boost your content visibility. Combine this high-quality content with a consistent posting approach for maximum impact.

content planning tools

3. Optimise Your Social Media Profiles

Optimising your social media profiles with complete, engaging information is a quick win for improving visibility.

Profile Picture: The first step is to ensure that you have an eye-catching profile photo and cover image that aligns with your brand identity. Use your logo or complementary imagery that grabs people’s attention.

Bio: The description in your bio is prime real estate. Include a brief but compelling overview of who you are and what you do. Include your industry, mission, and any defining characteristics that convey your brand personality. Keep it simple and clear.

When creating your bio, think of it like a one-sentence pitch for your brand. You want to grab attention and convey what makes you unique.


Focus on your value proposition – what makes you different or better? Summarise what you offer clearly.


Use descriptive adjectives and strong verbs to add colour.


Convey your brand personality – are you funny, nerdy, elegant, adventurous?


Consider prompts like “We’re on a mission to…” or “Helping you conquer…”


Add emojis, hashtags or locations to reinforce your identity.


And don’t forget to include relevant keywords

Some examples:

“Empowering women to build a thriving coaching business they love.”

“Helping entrepreneurs elevate their business with social media marketing”

“Transforming busy moms into social media marketing pros.”

how to increase visibility on social media

Contact Information: Make sure to fully complete all relevant profile fields – website URL, contact info, location, hours, and any other category options available. Profiles with sparse info may be perceived as less legitimate.

Website Links: Links to your website or online store are key. This gives people an instant pathway to learn more or shop your products after engaging with you on social platforms.

Hashtags: Hashtags in bios make it easier to pop up in related searches. Just avoid cramming too many as it looks spammy.

Verification: Consider adding badges or verification checkmarks where applicable to gain credibility. And be sure your brand name, username, and profile handle are consistent across all platforms.

With complete, optimised profiles, it’s easier to show up across social media searches and for users to learn more about your brand.


4. Strategic Posting Time

Posting your content at optimal times is a key strategy for increasing visibility on social platforms. Each network’s algorithm favours content published when your target audience is most actively engaged online.

Posts scheduled during peak hours are more likely to be seen and interacted with by more users. This signals the algorithm to boost its reach.

Determining your audience’s ideal posting times can take some trial and error. Especially at the beginning stages.

If you are just starting out with posting, you can search online for some of the best times to post by platform. Use those recommendations to get you started.

how to increase visibility on social media

Then once you have been posting for a few weeks, each platform will begin to generate analytics. In that data, you can analyse the results, and tweak your posting times and type of content.

Pay attention to when your top-performing content tends to be published and note if there are days or hours that continually see higher engagement.

Social media scheduling tools like Later and Metricool make this easy by providing best-time recommendations based on your audience analytics.

In general, early morning and evenings on weekdays tend to perform well, along with lunch hours and weekends.

However optimal timing can vary widely based on your niche, demographic, and geographic location and platform that you use. There’s no one-size-fits-all!

Strategic posting is all about learning your audience’s habits and catering for the timing of your posts accordingly.

This is why we’re big fans of Metricool and use it daily for our clients. Their analytics are amazing and help drive recommendations that consistently improve visibility.

content planning tools

5. Hashtag Vs Keyword

Hashtags on Instagram exploded in popularity years back as users realised they made content more discoverable. Tagging your posts with relevant hashtags allowed you to tap into larger conversations and made it easy for users to find your content around specific themes.

But Instagram threw marketers a curveball in March 2022 when Adam Moserri, Instagram CEO, announced on his Instagram Story that hashtags don’t really matter on the platform anymore. Their algorithm relies more on interests and interactions.

So on Instagram, hashtags likely have diminishing returns compared to keywords which help you show up in explore and suggested posts. But Instagram isn’t the whole story.

Hashtags still hold relevance on Twitter and to some degree Facebook.

how to increase visibility on social media

Keywords do seem to be gaining overall importance across platforms. Tactics like repeating keywords in captions, using them in your visual text, and ensuring keyword-focused alt text means your content appears in more related searches.

Our suggestion is to use a balanced approach for now. Hashtags still have some benefit on certain platforms, just don’t over-rely on them.

For Instagram, focus more on nailing that first caption line with strong keywords.

On Twitter, a mix of relevant hashtags and keywords is likely the best practice. Include 2-5 max per tweet, with at least 1-2 keywords worked into the copy itself.

how to increase visibility on social media

On Facebook, 1-3 hashtags blended into the end of your caption is sufficient. Keywords can go in the visual text which shows in previews.

Don’t let this whole process confuse you either. If you use tools like Later or Metricool, they both offer hashtag generator tools, making this process incredibly easy.

Leverage hashtags selectively but don’t disregard them entirely. Pair them with intentional keyword optimisation. And as always, focus on creating content your audience loves first and foremost!

6. Engage with Your Audience

Actively engaging with your followers and the wider community is one of the most powerful ways to improve visibility.

When you regularly interact with users, it signals the algorithms that your content is intriguing which drives up reach.

There are several ways you can purposefully engage with your social audience:

  • Respond to all comments and questions on your posts – this shows users you care and are paying attention.
  • Share testimonials and tag people on the post – people love seeing themselves featured.
  • Run polls and contests to get feedback and increase shares.
  • Ask engaging questions related to your industry or brand.
  • Share and comment on others’ content, especially those relevant to your niche.
  • Use prompts like “Tag a friend who would like this.”
  • Leverage collaborations to access other people’s engaged followers.
  • Join industry-related social groups and participate in discussions.
how to increase visibility on social media

The more you interact directly with real people, the more the social platforms will reward you with expanded visibility.

Set aside time daily to proactively engage your audience. Social media is meant to be social – interact purposefully.

7. Go Live

Live video presents a powerful opportunity for brands to engage their audience in real-time and increase visibility.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok make it easy to broadcast livestreams directly to your followers.

When users see a brand streaming live, it catches their attention to tune in. This real-time format creates a more intimate connection with your audience.

Viewers can interact through comments and reactions during the broadcast.

According to Instagram, videos in general receive 3 times more engagement than standard image posts. But live video takes engagement even further.

Instant two-way communication makes followers more invested. And platforms reward all that engagement with improved visibility.

how to increase visibility on social media

Research shows Facebook Live videos receive 5 times more reach compared to pre-recorded videos.

Going live allows you to have candid, authentic dialogue with customers, take Q&As, provide behind-the-scenes access, announce sales, and much more. The spontaneous nature makes it fun and engaging for viewers.

Use live streams on a regular basis to reveal more of your brand personality and create deeper connections with your audience.

8. Collaborate with Other Leaders in the Industry

Collaboration in the industry can be a game-changer for boosting your brand’s visibility on social media.

By aligning yourself with other leaders, you tap into their existing audience and expand your reach exponentially.

The key is to choose collaborators whose values and audience align with yours. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties gain exposure to a new set of followers.

how to increase visibility on social media

To make this strategy successful, start by reaching out to potential collaborators through direct messages or emails. Clearly communicate the benefits of the collaboration for both parties, emphasising how it can provide value to their audience as well. 

When you collaborate, don’t just cross-promote; create joint content that showcases both brands authentically. This could be in the form of co-hosted webinars, podcast guesting, shared blog posts, or even joint social media takeovers. 

Encourage your audience to follow your collaborators, and reciprocate by promoting them on your channels. 

9. Promote All of Your Other Marketing Channels

Promoting your social media networks wherever you can. This not only boosts your brand’s overall visibility but also sends positive signals to social media algorithms. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram often reward accounts that drive traffic from external sources, enhancing your reach and engagement.

Here are some tips for implementing this strategy:

  • Website: Turn your web visitors into instant followers by making your social media links visible and clear.
  • Email Signatures: Embed your social links within your emails.
  • Business Cards & Print Materials: Add your social media details to your business cards or print materials, use QR codes to drive traffic
  • Lead Magnets: Include social media links in your lead magnets, such as ebooks.

10. Analyse Performance

Analytics provide valuable insight into which social media content resonates with your audience and which falls flat.

By closely reviewing metrics like views, shares, comments, and more, you can create a content and engagement strategy that works best with your brand.

Identify peak posting times and use that data to increase visibility by posting during periods when your audience is most active.

Use platform-specific analytics tools, such as Facebook Insights or Twitter Analytics, to gain a deeper understanding of your audience demographics and preferences.

content planning tools

You can also use a scheduling tool like Metricool to give you all of the analytics you need in one place. Its reporting feature visualises trends while drag-and-drop calendars optimise timing.

And it’s all centralised in one platform instead of jumping between apps. The simplicity has been game-changing.


Your social media visibility is what gets your posts and messages in front of your ideal audience. If you don’t have the right strategies in place, you can risk losing out on potential followers and views on your posts. 

By committing to a social media visibility strategy and following these tips, you can increase your follower count, improve your click rates, and get more leads.

Remember to use some of the tools we have recommended to make this process easier and time effective. 

content planning tools

Next Steps

We understand the challenges that come with managing and enhancing visibility on social media for brand awareness.

Juggling content creation, analysing metrics, and staying ahead of trends can be overwhelming. Let alone creating consistent content on a regular basis.

To help make this process easier we offer social media management services. From strategy to creating content and scheduling your posts. Taking the guesswork out for you.

Learn more about our social media marketing services here and how we can support you.


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