7 Tips on How to be Consistent on Social Media

Nov 6, 2023 | Latest, Marketing Tips, Social Media Marketing

7 Tips on How to be Consistent on Social Media

With brands showing up every day, the world of digital marketing is becoming increasingly noisy and crowded. Now, more than ever knowing how to be consistent on social media is a must. Consistency creates your brand’s identity and builds trust with your audience. In this blog, you’ll learn 7 tips on how to be consistent on social media.

Why Social Media Consistency Matters

Let’s get started with some key reasons why social media consistency matters.

Establishes Brand Identity and Recognition

Your brand identity is strengthened by maintaining consistency in your content, tone of voice, brand message, and posting schedule.

Your audience is more likely to recognise and remember your brand if they consistently hear or read content that is aligned with your business. By increasing brand recognition it helps to build trust and relationships with your followers.

Increases Audience Engagement

Social media algorithms are created to ensure users are getting the most relevant, valuable, and entertaining content in their feeds. When content has more engagement, it also has more reach and impressions.

This process then continues the cycle of increasing engagement and followers. Additionally, those who have engaged with your content in the past, or are already following you, will be more likely to see your new content.

By keeping a regular posting schedule and being consistent you increase audience engagement.

how to be consistent on social media

Increases Content Visibility

Many social media platforms use algorithms to decide how visible your content is. How these algorithms rank and present your posts depends heavily on consistency.

Posting content every once in a while may deprioritise your brand, making it difficult to achieve brand awareness.

Consistent posting signals the algorithms that you are an active and engaged user. This then increases the chance of your content being seen by a larger audience.

Better Customer Experience

Being consistent on social media, especially in responding to private messages and comments offers a better customer experience.

When customers are heard and valued, you begin to build trust. Trust is the cornerstone of your business, as these relationships help turn your followers into loyal fans and paying customers.

how to be consistent on social media

How Social Media Impacts Your Brand

A strong, well-managed social media presence can significantly enhance brand visibility and create customer loyalty. Let’s look at some points to consider when it comes to your socials and branding for your business.

Tone of Voice

Let your brand’s personality shine by keeping a consistent tone of voice on all your social media platforms. This way, you build a unique vibe that connects with your target audience, earns their trust, and keeps them excited.

To achieve a uniform voice, start by establishing your brand’s personality. Create brand guidelines that outline all the specifics of your brand voice, key phrases or words you’d like to use, and most importantly, words that you want to avoid. This will be a go-to guide for team members or anyone creating content for your brand, making sure everything stays consistent. Also, think about how your audience talks and acts. Engage with them, pay attention to the language they use, and weave it into your messaging. Communicate it in a way that reflects your brand while also connecting with your audience. When choosing your voice and content for your posts, it’s a great way to keep your brand values in mind. This helps you strike the right balance and maintain consistency.

Consistent Content

The secret sauce to having a strong social media presence is creating a brand identity that resonates with your ideal audience.

To make a lasting impression, create content that reflects your audience’s interests, pain points, desires, needs, and emotions.

The Facebook Blueprint Creative Best Practices suggests creating content that makes people cry, laugh, surprise, or provoke them. Content that triggers emotions is important in keeping your audiences engaged and turning them into die-hard clients.

Regular Posting

Posting social media content on a regular basis, shows you’re reliable and dedicated. Plus, the social media gods (a.k.a algorithms) like it too! It increases the chances of your content being shown in people’s feeds.

We recommend using a social media scheduling tool such as Metricool. This will increase your chances of staying consistent on social media and simplifying the process.

how to be consistent on social media

When it comes to deciding how many times per week to post, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. It depends on your industry, target audience, and the time you have to commit to social media.

Remember, don’t post just for the sake of posting. Every post should have a clear purpose, whether it’s offering value, sharing ideas, boosting your brand, or selling your goods or services.

Look and Feel

Keeping a consistent look on your social media is important for your brand. It’s not just about what you post, but also how your page looks and feels.

Use the same colour palette, fonts, and style for your images. You can also keep your posts in a specific order, like a grid or checkerboard.

We recommend creating a brand style guide with tools like Canva. Making it super quick and easy to update templates and create on-brand designs. Click here to get started with Canva for free.

7 Tips on How to be Consistent on Social Media

1. Set Clear Social Media Goals

The first step to maintaining consistency on social media is to identify your business goals and align them with your social media activity.

Be clear and specific about what you want to achieve. Ask yourself if your social media goals are to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve community engagement
  • Generate new leads
  • Build a community around your brand
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Grow your followers

These goals need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound).

This will help you keep track of whether social media is working for you and what changes you need to make. Always align your social media strategy to these goals.

2. Plan Your Content

A strategic and solid content strategy ensures that your social media activities are consistent and purposeful. Start by identifying your ideal clients. Who they are and what they like and dislike. What are their pain points and struggles?

Next, take a look at your competitors. Understand what they are offering, the messaging they are using, and what is working and not working. This will help you further refine your own brand messaging and style.

Then, create a unique, consistent brand voice that resonates with your audience. Identify key content themes, graphics, and post types that align with your brand and resonate with your audience.

Increase engagement by sharing different types of content such as carousel posts, infographics, stories, static posts, lives, and so on.

Lastly, consider using content pillars that represent key themes or topics related to your brand. It could be educational, inspiring, engaging, and promotional.

how to be consistent on social media

3. Create Content Ideas & Buckets

The next step is to think about the type of content that you will share with your audience and group those together. The key is to offer value for around 80% of your posts with the remaining 20% being allocated to promoting your products and services.

Offer value to build your business and brand, rather than promoting to them 24/7.

Some ideas are:
  • Testimonial
  • Case Studies
  • Quote/Motivational
  • Story/Behind the Scenes
  • Valuable tip/Idea
  • Lead Magnet/Offer
There are many more types of posts you can create. We recommend jumping onto Answer the Public or Google to discover what people are searching for. This will help you generate a tonne of ideas for your social media posts. 

You can also jump into Facebook Groups or read comments on social media channels where your ideal audience is hanging out.

This will give you incredible insights and ideas of the types of posts you can create that will offer value.

Next, create content buckets and map these out with a planning tool such as Trello or ClickUp. We love using these tools and specifically the Kanban Board views, so we can come up with content ideas under specific buckets or topics. You can literally do a brain dump of ideas into each bucket to create a tonne of content.

What we love about these tools is that they visually map out your content and make it incredibly easy to manage.

Which speeds up your content creation process! You can get started on a free plan with Trello or ClickUp without needing a paid plan. So they are great tools for social media content creation.

Once you have your ideas down, you can dive on over to a tool like ChatGPT to generate even more topic ideas based on what people are searching for.

Using ChatGPT will speed up the process of your social media content creation, plus give you captions, ideas and so much more.

Using tools like Answer the Public or ChatGPT makes content creation faster and easier, helping you stay consistent for the long haul.

Both offer free plans which is enough to get great content ideas. Just note that Answer the Public limits you to 3 searches per day on the free plan.

how to be consistent on social media

4. Create a Content Calendar

Once you have all of your content ideas in motion, the next step is to create your content and map it out on your calendar.

The easiest way to get started is to use Trello or ClickUp for thisYou can also use a trusty spreadsheet, to keep things on track.

Some of the things to consider when mapping out your content calendar are:

Frequency of Posts: Decide how often you will post on social platforms. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, having a schedule in place ensures a steady flow of content, keeping your audience engaged and informed

Themes for Specific Days of the Week: Choose themes for specific days of the week to simplify content creation. For example, Motivation Monday, Tip Tuesday, Promotion Thursday etc.

Having themes simplifies the process of creating content as you are clear on how many posts you need to create for a specific theme or topic.

how to be consistent on social media

Mixing Up Content: It’s good to have a variety of content. Your content calendar allows you to balance different types of content, such as carousel posts, static images, reel videos, infographics, and Instagram stories.

This keeps your audience interested and your messaging not one-dimensional.

Seasonal and Special Holidays: Aligning content with holidays and events can be a game-changer for some businesses.

For instance, if you are a business coach who works with female entrepreneurs, you might want to include notable celebrations on your content calendar, such as Women’s History Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or Business Women’s Day.

Your calendar can include a section that highlights important dates and events within your niche, so you can plan content around them. This keeps your content fresh and timely, giving your audience something to look forward to.

5. Batch Content Creation

The next key step to helping you be consistent on social media is batch content creation. This is our absolute favourite strategy when it comes to showing up on socials without the stress and overwhelm.

Batch content creation means allocating a day or 2 to sit down and focus on creating your social media content for 1 month, 2 months, or even 3 months.

This not only saves you an incredible amount of time but it helps free you from the daily grind of having to worry about what you are going to have to create next.

One thing to note about this strategy is to choose a time frame that works for you. For some businesses, they can plan out 3 months of content in advance.

Especially if they have been on social media for a while and know exactly what works well.

For others, you may need shorter timeframes, depending on your niche and audience. For example, it may work for you to create content for 1 week or 2 weeks, and that works well for you.

how to be consistent on social media

The key is to sit down and create a bunch of social content in one sitting, and then you are free to focus on other parts of your business until it’s time to create more.

When you’re feeling creative, batch-create your content. The first step is to select the type of content you want to create.

This could include image posts, video content, blog posts, infographics, or any other format that suits your social media channels.

Then create an outline or plan for each piece of content. Identify the main message, key points, and the call-to-action you want to include.

Then, collect all the resources you need for content creation, such as images, videos, text, data, and any design elements.

It’s also a good idea to have a photo bank at hand to keep your assets in one place.  If your content requires visual elements, like images or videos, design or edit these assets in a single session.

Use design software or tools like Canva for creating graphics or editing short-form videos.

After creating your content, spend some time reviewing it for consistency, quality, and accuracy. Make any necessary edits or revisions to ensure it align with your brand voice and messaging.

how to be consistent on social media

6. Write & Design Your Content

This step ties into the previous step. When it’s time to design your posts select the type of content you want to create.

This could include image posts, video content, blog posts, infographics, or any other format that suits your social media channels.

Then create an outline or plan for each piece of content. Identify the main message, key points, and the call-to-action you want to include. Collect all the resources you need for content creation, such as images, videos, text, data, and any design elements. It’s also a good idea to have a photo bank at hand to keep your assets in one place. If your content requires visual elements, like images or videos, design or edit these assets in a single session. Use design tools like Canva for creating graphics or editing short-form videos. If you need other stock images or videos try Envato Elements or iStock. Both of these platforms offer great royalty-free assets and have some incredible options. After creating your content, spend some time reviewing it for consistency, quality, and accuracy. Make any necessary edits or revisions to ensure it align with your brand and messaging.

7. Use a Social Media Scheduler

The last tip to create social media content on a consistent basis and honestly our favourite tip of all – is to use a social media scheduler such as Metricool.

The truth is you don’t need to be chained to your phone or computer 24/7 to create and schedule content. Instead, you can use a scheduling tool to schedule your posts to go out at the right times. This is an incredible time-saver, allowing you to maintain a consistent posting schedule even when you have other tasks on your plate.
Benefits of a landing page

Some popular social media scheduling tools include Metricool, and Later. At Haymes Digital Marketing our go-to social media scheduling tool is Metricool as it includes a lot of great features all on one plan.

Among all the social media scheduling tools we’ve tried, Metricool stands out as the most cost-effective option compared to its competitors.

With Metricool, you can conveniently plan all your social media content at once, letting the tool handle the rest. One standout feature that drew us to Metricool was its comprehensive support for multiple social media platforms.

Unlike other scheduling tools, Metricool combines the platforms we need with the essential features we’re looking for including amazing analytics and the best time to post.

Metricool supports scheduling on Facebook, and  Pinterest, If you’re still in search of a social media scheduler, give Metricool a try.

Click here to get started.


In the realm of online marketing, effective social media management is crucial. But the truth is it doesn’t have to be as hard and time consuming as you think.

Yes, creating social content does take time and effort, but when you follow the steps above and use some of the great tools like ClickUp, Trello, Canva or Metricool,it becomes easy and efficient. Which means not having to think about social media 24/7.

These strategies and tools allow for a more organised, consistent, and stress-free approach to maintaining an active online presence.

Remember to make space in your diary to create social media content ahead of time, do your research and bulk schedule your posts!

By taking this approach to social media it becomes less overwhelming and you could have fewer grey hairs in the process!

Next Steps

While maintaining consistency on social media is not difficult, it does require some TLC. You’ll need time, a wise strategy, and some level of planning.

If you need help in nailing down your social media strategy or want to ease social media overwhelm, then reach out to us.

We offer social media management services both in Australia and worldwide, managing every part of your socials.

From writing your content for you, designing posts and managing every part of the process. We have packages designed for your different needs.

Let us point you in the right direction and help you reach your goals. Book your FREE discovery call here

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission.


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