100 Best Digital Course Ideas: Profitable Online Course Ideas

Apr 15, 2024 | Latest, Marketing Tips, Online Course Creation

100 Best Digital Course Ideas: Profitable Online Course Ideas

Online learning is booming, and it’s no wonder why. The ease of accessibility, the flexibility to learn at your own pace, and the wide range of topics available make it an incredibly popular way to gain new skills and knowledge. But importantly it’s a great way to scale and grow your business. In this blog, we explore 100 best profitable digital course ideas to help you share your expertise and reach a wider audience.   

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Why Create a Digital Course?

Global online education has expanded exponentially, with industry forecasts indicating that the e-learning sector is poised to reach $325 billion by 2025, a significant increase from $107 billion in 2015.

This trend highlights the rising demand for flexible, readily available, and self-paced learning alternatives on a global scale. This means that there is a growing demand for online courses.

For both existing course creators and aspiring ones, online courses provide a powerful means for small businesses and coaches to broaden their influence.

Unlike physical classes or workshops, online courses break the barriers of geography, giving you the perfect opportunity to reach a global audience and create a greater impact.

Here’s why you need to consider creating an online course to share your expertise:

Digital Course Ideas

1. Reach a Wider Audience

With a digital course, you can reach people from all over the world. This means that you can expand your client base beyond your local area and potentially reach thousands or even millions of people. 

2. Generate Passive Income

Creating a digital course also allows you to generate passive income. Once the course is created, it can be sold multiple times without any additional effort. This means that you can make money while you sleep or while working on other projects.

3. Establish Yourself as an Expert

By creating and sharing a digital course, you establish yourself as an expert in your field. This can lead to more opportunities for speaking engagements, partnerships, and collaborations.

4. Add Value to Your Services

Offering a digital course as part of your current services adds value to what you offer. It shows potential clients that you have extensive knowledge and expertise on a particular topic, making you stand out from the competition.

Steps to Creating a Successful Online Course

Before we get started with some of the most profitable online course ideas,  let’s go through the essential steps for online course creation to help you plan and execute a successful course.

The following steps are a great way to get you started:

1. Choose a Topic

The first step to creating a successful online course is to start by choosing a topic that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Your course should provide value to your potential students and solve a problem or fill a gap in the market.

Consider your target audience and their interests when selecting a topic to ensure there is a demand for the course.

2. Define Your Target Audience & Niche

Creating profitable online courses requires understanding your audience’s needs and interests. Identify who your ideal customer is and what their needs and pain points are. 

This will help you tailor your course content and increase its effectiveness. Ask yourself what topic or subject you have expertise in to help you identify your niche. This will help you narrow down your target audience and create a specialised course that meets their needs.

Use SEO tools like SEMrush, Google Analytics, and Answer the Public to help you research trending and profitable course topics.  These tools can help you identify high-demand topics, optimise your course content to meet audience needs, and attract more students to your online courses.

Digital Course Ideas

This strategic approach ensures that your course topics are not only relevant and valuable but also have the potential to generate significant revenue by addressing the specific needs of your target audience.

3. Outline Your Content

Once you have identified your niche, it’s time to outline the content for your course. Start by breaking down the main topic into smaller, more specific subtopics.

This will help you create a structured and organised course that is easy to follow for your students.

Use a project management tool like Trello or ClickUp to map out your course content and monitor your progress.

We highly recommend adopting the Kanban format for a more visual approach to planning your course structure, modules, lessons, and other components.

Digital Course Ideas

This approach also provides a visual overview of your course, aiding in the complete mapping of it from beginning to end.

It proves especially valuable in assessing the depth of your content and determining if breaking your course into multiple modules or steps is feasible.

By doing so, you can prevent your students from feeling overwhelmed with your course content. 

4. Create Course Content

Determine the format of your course (video, audio, written material) and create quality content that is engaging and easy to understand. Consider breaking it down into modules or lessons for better organisation.

Use tools like Canva to help you create visually appealing materials and include interactive elements such as quizzes, assignments, and discussions to keep your students engaged and actively learning.

Digital Course Ideas

5. Use a Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) is an online course platform that helps you organise, deliver, and track your online course. It allows you to easily upload your content, communicate with students, and track their progress.

Popular LMS options include New Zenler, Teachable and Podia.  Consider using a platform that offers features like drip content scheduling, course completion certificates, and integration with payment gateways for easy enrollment.

We personally love New Zenler as it’s an all-in-one platform that simplifies the process of creating, marketing, and selling online courses. This platform is highly praised for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for educators and course creators of all skill levels.

Digital Course Ideas

6. Price Your Course

Determine the value of your course and set a price that reflects it. Consider factors like market demand, your expertise, and the amount of time and effort you put into creating the course.

You can also offer discounts or promotions to attract more students. Just make sure that your pricing is fair and competitive compared to similar courses in the market. 

7. Offer Support and Feedback

Providing support and feedback to your students is crucial in ensuring their success in the course. This can include having a discussion forum, hosting Q&A sessions, or offering personalised feedback on assignments.

By being available to your students, you can create a more interactive and fulfilling learning experience.

8. Pre-Test Your Course

Before launching your course to a wider audience, it’s essential to create a beta version that you can test with a select group of your ideal students. This pre-testing phase allows you to iron out any kinks in the content, structure, and delivery methods.

Digital Course Ideas

Encourage these beta testers to give honest feedback on everything from the clarity of your instructions to the relevance of your course material. Use this invaluable input to make necessary adjustments.

This step not only enhances the quality of your course but also boosts its potential for success by ensuring it meets the needs and expectations of your target audience.

9. Promote Your Course

Once your course is ready, it’s time to promote it! Utilize social media, email marketing, and other online platforms to reach your target audience.

You can also collaborate with influencers or offer special promotions to attract more students. The key is to get the word out about your course and its value.

10. Update and Improve

The beauty of digital courses is that they can be updated and improved easily. Pay attention to student feedback and make necessary changes to your course content or structure.

This will not only keep your students engaged but also attract new ones who are looking for up-to-date and relevant information. Continuously improving your course will help it stay successful in the long run.

Digital Course Ideas

11. Engage with Your Students

Lastly, don’t forget to engage with your students! Encourage discussions, provide timely responses to their questions, and create a sense of community within the course.

This will not only help with retention rates but also foster a positive learning environment. Your students are more likely to recommend your course to others if they have had a great experience and feel connected to you as an instructor.

100 Best Profitable Digital Course Ideas

With so many digital courses saturating the market, both the educators and the learners are presented with a challenge – how do you stand out?

From creating personal development courses, to wellness courses or digital marketing courses, there are literally hundreds of course topic ideas to choose from. 

Here are 100 profitable digital course ideas to help you find inspiration and get started: 

1. Healthy Aging and Nutrition

Provide nutrition guidance and lifestyle recommendations to promote healthy ageing, including nutrient needs, exercise recommendations, and strategies to support cognitive health and longevity.

2. Building a Strong LinkedIn Presence

Teach how to optimise your LinkedIn profile, create engaging content, and leverage LinkedIn features to network, establish authority, and attract clients to your coaching or consulting business.

3. Personal Development for Entrepreneurs

Train entrepreneurs on how to develop practical skills as a leader, resilience, and a growth mindset to succeed in their coaching or consulting business.

4. Creating a Successful Podcast

Assist business owners in launching and growing a successful podcast in their coaching or consulting niche, leveraging it as a platform to share expertise, attract clients, and establish thought leadership.

5. Photography Portfolio Development

Assist photographers in building a standout portfolio that showcases their best work, highlights their unique style, and attracts potential clients and collaborations in their niche.

6. Mastering Client Retention

Develop strategies and tactics for coaches or consultants on how to retain clients, create loyalty, and encourage repeat business.

7. Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies

Equip clients with conflict resolution skills and strategies to navigate conflicts in the workplace, improve communication, and maintain positive relationships.

8. Pinterest Marketing for Coaches & Consultants

Teach Pinterest as a marketing platform to drive traffic, increase visibility, and attract potential clients to your coaching or consulting business.

9. Photography Business Essentials

Help aspiring photographers start and grow their photography businesses, covering topics such as branding, marketing, client management, and pricing strategies.

10. Stress Management for Health Coaches

Equip health coaches with tools and techniques to help clients manage stress effectively, including mindfulness practices, relaxation techniques, and stress-reducing activities.

11. Nutrition Coaching Certification

Teach photographers advanced editing techniques using software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, helping them enhance their photos and develop their signature editing style.

12. Photography Editing Masterclass

Teach photographers advanced editing techniques using software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, helping them enhance their photos and develop their signature editing style.

13. Holistic Health Coaching Program

Offer a holistic approach to health coaching, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through personalised nutrition plans, lifestyle modifications, and stress management techniques.

14. Youtube Marketing for Coaches

Teach coaches and small business owners how to use YouTube as a platform to share valuable content, reach a wider audience, and attract potential coaching clients through video marketing strategies.

15. Effective Negotiation Skills

Teach negotiation skills and strategies to confidently negotiate contracts, pricing, and agreements.

16. Food Photography

Teach food photographers how to style and photograph food creatively, using composition, lighting, and props to capture mouthwatering images for clients in the food industry.

17. Digital Productivity for Remote Teams

Provide training and resources to remote teams on digital productivity tools, time management techniques, and collaboration strategies to optimise their performance and efficiency.

18. Online Reputation Management

Teach how to monitor, manage, and improve online reputation as a coach or consultant, ensuring a positive online presence that attracts potential clients.

19. Wellness Retreat Planning

Guide wellness professionals in planning and hosting wellness retreats, covering logistics, program design, marketing, and participant engagement for successful retreat experiences.

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20. Nutrition for Weight Loss

Provide clients with evidence-based information and practical strategies for sustainable weight loss, including meal planning, portion control, and behaviour modification techniques.

21. Photography Marketing Strategies

Help photographers develop effective marketing strategies to attract clients, build brand awareness, and grow their photography businesses through online and offline channels.

22. Mindful Eating Program

Offer a mindful eating program that teaches clients how to cultivate awareness, savour food, and develop a healthier relationship with eating for improved overall well-being.

23. Portrait Photograpy Masterclass

Teach portrait photographers the art of capturing compelling portraits, including posing techniques, expression coaching, and post-processing tips for stunning results.

24. Nutrition for Athletes

Provide specialised nutrition guidance for athletes, covering topics such as sports nutrition, hydration, supplementation, and meal timing to optimise performance and recovery.

25. Photography Business Branding

Help photographers define their brand identity, create a unique visual style, and develop a cohesive brand strategy to attract their ideal clients and stand out in the competitive market.

26. Healthy Cooking Classes

Offer virtual cooking classes that focus on healthy and delicious recipes, cooking techniques, and ingredient substitutions for clients looking to improve their culinary skills and eat healthier meals.

27. Digital Marketing for Nutritionist

Teach nutritionists how to leverage digital marketing channels, such as social media, email, and content marketing, to attract clients, build authority, and grow their nutrition practices online.

28. Holistic Nutrition Certification

Provide a comprehensive certification program in holistic nutrition, covering topics such as whole foods, herbal medicine, gut health, and holistic lifestyle approaches to wellness.

29. Photography Portfolio Development

Assist photographers in building a standout portfolio that showcases their best work, highlights their unique style, and attracts potential clients and collaborations in their niche.

30. Plant-Based Nutrition Course

Educate clients on the health benefits of a plant-based diet, including plant-based meal planning, protein sources, nutrient adequacy, and tips for transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.

31. Event Photography Business Training

Train photographers in the art and business of event photography, covering topics such as client acquisition, event planning, on-site shooting, and post-event delivery.

32. Wellness Coaching for Busy Professionals

Offer wellness coaching programs specifically designed for busy professionals, providing strategies to manage stress, improve sleep, and prioritise self-care amidst demanding schedules.

33. Nutrition for Digestive Health

Focus on digestive health and gut microbiome balance, providing clients with dietary and lifestyle recommendations to support digestive wellness and alleviate digestive issues.

34. Travel Photography

Teach travel photography that covers destination scouting, cultural sensitivity, storytelling through images, and travel photography gear and techniques for capturing memorable travel experiences.

35. Meal Planning & Prep for Busy Families

Provide families with meal planning and prep solutions to save time, reduce stress, and enjoy healthy and delicious meals together amidst hectic schedules.

36. Maternity & Newborn Photography Training

Train photographers in the art and techniques of maternity and newborn photography, covering posing, lighting, safety considerations, and client communication for capturing precious moments.

37. Mindfulness Meditation Program

Offer mindfulness meditation programs that teach clients mindfulness techniques, meditation practices, and mindfulness-based stress reduction strategies for improved mental well-being and resilience.

38. Sports Nutrition Coaching

Train coaches and athletes in sports-specific nutrition strategies, including pre-and post-workout nutrition, hydration, supplements, and fueling strategies for optimal athletic performance.

39. Product Photography for E-commerce

Teach product photographers how to create captivating product images for e-commerce platforms, focusing on lighting, composition, styling, and editing techniques to drive sales.

40. Healthy Aging & Nutrition

Provide nutrition guidance and lifestyle recommendations to promote healthy ageing, including nutrient needs, exercise recommendations, and strategies to support cognitive health and longevity.

41. Nutrition for Mental Health

Educate clients on the connection between nutrition and mental health, including mood-boosting foods, gut-brain axis, and dietary strategies to support emotional well-being and mental resilience.

42. Eco-friendly Travel Tips

Encourage sustainable travel practices through tips on reducing carbon footprint, choosing eco-friendly accommodations and transportation, and supporting local communities.

43. Mindful Parenting

Teach parents how to incorporate mindfulness practices in parenting, promoting self-awareness, emotional regulation, and positive communication with children.

44. Music Therapy

Offer courses on the therapeutic benefits of music, including reducing anxiety and depression, promoting relaxation, and improving overall well-being.

45. Career Development

Teach resume building, job search strategies, networking skills, and professional development to support individuals in their career growth.

46. Financial Literacy

Provide education on budgeting, saving money, managing debt, and investing to empower individuals with financial knowledge and promote financial stability.

47. Communication Skills for Small Teams

Offer courses on effective communication within small teams, addressing conflict resolution and collaboration.

48. Real Estate Investing

Provide resources and advice for individuals interested in investing in real estate, including tips on finding properties and securing financing.

49. How to Create Digital Products that Sell

Teach the steps for creating and marketing digital products, such as e-books or online courses, to generate passive income.

50. Mastering Time Management 

Offer tools and techniques for effective time management, helping individuals balance their personal and professional commitments.

51. The Power of Positive Thinking

Teach the power of positive thinking and how it can impact overall well-being and success.

52. Starting a Side Hustle

Provide guidance on how to start a successful side hustle, from idea generation to marketing strategies.

53. Introduction to Personal Finance

Educate individuals on basic financial concepts such as budgeting, saving, and investing for long-term financial stability.

54. How to Create Your Personal Brand

Teach individuals how to identify their strengths, values, and unique qualities and use them to create a personal brand for professional success.

55. Stress Management Techniques

Offer tips and techniques for managing stress in both personal and professional settings.

56. Networking Skills 101

Help individuals develop effective networking skills to build connections and advance their careers.

57. The Art of Communication

Teach effective communication strategies for both personal relationships and professional interactions.

58. Overcoming Procrastination

Share techniques for overcoming procrastination and increasing productivity in all aspects of life.

59. Goal Setting & Time Management 

Provide tools and resources for setting achievable goals and managing time effectively to reach those goals.

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60. Building Resilience

Teach individuals how to bounce back from challenges and setbacks and develop resilience in their personal and professional lives.

61. Mindfulness Practices

Introduce mindfulness techniques for reducing stress, increasing focus, and improving overall well-being.

62. Leadership Development

Provide guidance on developing leadership skills to become a successful leader in any industry or organisation.

63. Conflict Resolution

Teach effective conflict resolution strategies for managing disagreements and conflicts in both personal and professional relationships.

64. Sustainable Living

Educate individuals on ways to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, including tips on reducing waste and conserving energy.

65. Public Speaking Skills

Teach public speaking skills, helping individuals overcome their fears and improve their communication abilities.

66. Goal Setting

Guide individuals in setting achievable goals and creating action plans to turn their dreams into reality.

67. Emotional Intelligence

Introduce the concept of emotional intelligence and provide tools for developing self-awareness, managing emotions, and building healthy relationships.

68. Critical Thinking

Teach critical thinking skills to help individuals evaluate information, make informed decisions, and solve complex problems.

69. Interior Design for Beginners

Teach the basics of interior design, including tips on creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing space.

70. Creative Writing

Teach individuals who are looking to improve their creative writing skills and explore different genres.  Provide prompts and exercises to inspire creativity.

71. Self-Care

Emphasise the importance of self-care and provide tips for implementing self-care practices into daily life for better physical and mental well-being.

72. Study Skills

Provide guidance on developing effective study habits, note-taking techniques, and test preparation strategies to help individuals succeed academically.

73. Teamwork

Teach the value of teamwork in both personal and professional settings, and offer tips for effective communication, conflict resolution, and collaboration.

74. Home Organisaton

Provide advice on decluttering and organising different areas of the home for improved functionality and productivity. Share storage solutions and organisation hacks to maximise space in small living areas.

75. DIY Projects

Help others explore their creativity through do-it-yourself projects that can enhance their living spaces or save money. Share step-by-step instructions for various projects, along with tips for sourcing materials and tools.

76. Digital Detox and Mindfulness

Teach techniques for reducing screen time, managing digital distractions, and cultivating mindfulness in a hyper-connected world.

77. Vintage Fashion Styling

Explore the history of fashion and teach styling tips for incorporating vintage pieces into modern wardrobes, appealing to fashion enthusiasts and vintage lovers.

78. Urban Gardening and Sustainable Living

Teach the basics of interior design, including tips on creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing space.

79. DIY Home Brewing

Share the art and science of brewing beer at home, covering brewing techniques, ingredient selection, and beer styles, appealing to craft beer enthusiasts and hobbyists.

81. DIY Natural Skincare Formulation

Teach how to create homemade skincare products using natural ingredients, including recipes for cleansers, masks, and serums, catering to eco-conscious consumers interested in clean beauty.

82. Travel Hacking & Budget Travel

Share strategies for travelling affordably and maximising rewards points, airline miles, and travel discounts to experience more travel adventures on a budget.

83. Introduction to Astrology & Horoscopes

Provide an overview of astrology principles, zodiac signs, birth charts, and celestial influences, catering to those interested in astrology as a hobby or spiritual practice.

84. Self-defense & Personal Safety

Teach essential self-defence techniques, situational awareness, and conflict de-escalation strategies for staying safe in various real-life scenarios.

85. Introduction to Cryptocurrency Investing

Demystify cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, offering beginner-friendly guides to investing in cryptocurrencies, understanding market trends, and managing risks.

86. Digital Nomad Lifestyle Guide

Equip aspiring digital nomads with resources, tips, and strategies for transitioning to a location-independent lifestyle, including remote work opportunities, travel hacks, and nomadic communities.

87. Introduction to Sustainable Living

Explore sustainable living practices such as minimalism, zero waste, and renewable energy, empowering individuals to reduce their environmental footprint and live more consciously.

88. Introduction to E-Commerce

Educate aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs on starting and running an online store, covering topics such as product selection, website development, marketing, and customer service.

89. Art Therapy for Self-Expression

Offer art therapy techniques for self-expression and emotional healing, including drawing, painting, and collage exercises, promoting self-discovery and personal growth.

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90. Creative Entrepreneurship

Empower creative professionals to turn their passions into profitable businesses, covering topics such as branding, marketing, pricing, and selling creative products and services online.

91. Knitting From Beginner to Advanced

Take learners on a journey from knitting basics to advanced techniques. Covering everything from selecting yarn and needles to mastering intricate stitches and advanced patterns.

92. Effective Website Development

Teach the fundamentals of website development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Provide hands-on experience with building a website from scratch and optimizing it for desktop and mobile devices. Cover topics such as user experience design, search engine optimization, and web analytics.

93. Digital Marketing 101

Guide learners through the basics of digital marketing, including social media management, email marketing campaigns, content creation, and online advertising. Help them develop strategies to reach their target audience and measure the success of their efforts.

94. Customer Service Excellence

Train employees on providing exceptional customer service in various industries. Cover topics such as active listening skills, conflict resolution techniques, and how to handle difficult customers.

95. Introduction to Personal Finance for Teens

Teach teenagers essential personal finance skills, including budgeting, saving, investing, and understanding credit, empowering them to make informed financial decisions and build a strong financial foundation for the future.

96. Introduction to Freelance Writing

Guide aspiring writers in launching a freelance writing career, covering topics such as finding writing gigs, pitching to clients, writing for different formats and industries, and managing freelance projects and clients.

97. How to Write a Book

Help individuals with a passion for writing to turn their ideas into a completed book, covering topics such as outlining, character development, plot structure, editing and publishing options.

98. Introduction to Calligraphy

Guide learners through the art of calligraphy, covering different styles such as italic, copperplate, and brush lettering, along with foundational techniques, tools, and practice exercises to create beautiful handwritten artwork.

99. Introduction to Video Editing

Teach beginners the basics of video editing, including video editing software, editing techniques, transitions, effects, and audio editing, empowering them to create professional-looking videos for personal or business use.

100. Mobile Filmmaking Masterclass

Teach aspiring filmmakers how to produce high-quality videos using just their mobile phones. 

Final Thoughts

Creating an online course can be an invaluable strategy to grow your business and be seen as a leader within your niche.

By offering valuable knowledge and expertise in the form of digital courses, you not only establish yourself as an authority in your field but also reach a wider audience beyond geographical limitations. 

Be sure to do your research with tools like SEMrush and Answer the Public to help you research profitable course topics that people are actively searching for. This will form the backbone of the success of your online course along with your course planning. 

Remember to tet, test and test. Run a beta version of your course, seek feedback from your students and continue to improve your course over time. With these simple steps, you will be well on your way to creating a successful course that your students will love. 

Digital Course Ideas

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